Chris Martinez is the President of Electrical Design Solutions. In this role, Chris leads a team of qualified electricians who will provide all aspects of electrical contracting, generator installation, and design builds to meet his customer’s electrical needs and wants. Chris is a qualified electrician and holds an Electrical Master License in the State of Texas.

Much of his success and determination comes from his family. His parents are a big reason for his work ethic and determination. Not only did they push him to be a good and decent human being but they also lived their life that way. His parents are two of the hardest working individuals he has ever met which pushes him to strive and be the best version of himself so that one day his children will have a good example to follow as well. Chris has 3 brothers who are very competitive and have helped shape his attitude and conviction in his everyday tasks. He would not be where he is today without the continued support and drive displayed by his parents and brothers to light the way.

Mr. Martinez is no stranger to the electrical industry. He completed four years of Electrical Trade education at the San Antonio Texas Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors. He still motivates himself to complete continuing education every year, as well as completing subscriptions to a variety of Electrical industry programs in order to keep up with the ever-evolving electrical trade.

He spent 10 years as a Journeyman/Master Electrician where he managed projects, delegated a team of electricians, and provided electrical designs for installations. Chris honed his skills in the electrical industry through the diverse projects he was either involved in, managed himself, or designed.

These past 10 years have prepared him for this moment. He’s combined all that he has learned and focused all of his time towards building his new business around customer service, efficiency, and quality performance in order to become the best electrical contractor this side of the Rio Grande. He ensures a great customer atmosphere by drawing on his vast electrical knowledge and helps turn his customer’s vision into a reality.